Our Co-founders

Robert G. Egger – Co-founder, CCI News

At CCI News, Robert G. Egger stands as an influential figure whose mission revolves around fostering a deeper understanding and broader adoption of cryptocurrencies. In his role as a co-founder, he bears the responsibility for shaping the company’s overarching strategy and ensuring its continuous growth. His vision is the driving force behind CCI News’s ambitious goal of welcoming 30 million users into the web3 ecosystem.

Robert’s commitment extends to the democratization of access to cryptocurrencies. He believes that in an increasingly digital and decentralized future, individuals should have the tools and knowledge to manage their digital wealth confidently. With a passion for bringing the benefits of crypto to a global audience, he envisions a world where everyone can participate in the opportunities presented by this transformative technology.

Charles L. Wee – Co-founder, CCI News

As the co-founder of CCI News, Charles L. Wee has made significant contributions to the development of groundbreaking products within the cryptocurrency sphere. His journey is guided by an unwavering passion for technology and a unique talent for translating technological innovations into scalable and user-friendly solutions.

Charles’s primary objective is to make cryptocurrencies accessible and user-friendly for diverse global audiences. He firmly believes that crypto and blockchain technology have the potential to usher in a profound transformation of the financial landscape over the next 10-20 years. By harnessing the power of blockchain and crypto, he is actively engaged in enhancing financial systems, making them more inclusive, secure, and efficient.

Both Robert and Charles share a common commitment to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies and the realization of the transformative potential of blockchain technology. Their combined vision and expertise drive CCI News in its mission to make crypto accessible, user-friendly, and a powerful tool for individuals in an increasingly digital and decentralized future.

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