CCI News stands at the forefront of the crypto market, serving as a versatile data aggregator, analytics platform, and investment tool. Our mission is to empower users in their exploration of the vast and evolving landscape of web3, enabling them to make informed and strategic trading decisions.

At CCI News, we’ve consolidated an extensive array of crypto tools into one convenient platform. Our comprehensive offering includes market data, analytical dashboards, a web3 portfolio manager, NFT tracking capabilities, watchlists, and real-time alerts. With this powerful toolkit at your fingertips, you can navigate the crypto market with confidence, staying ahead of the curve in an ever-changing ecosystem.

As we continue to grow and evolve, we’re looking for talented individuals to join our dynamic team. Here are some of the exciting career opportunities available at CCI News:

  1. Chief Marketing Officer (Full Time, Remote):
    • Join our Marketing team and lead strategic initiatives to enhance our brand and reach in the crypto market.
  2. Crypto Analyst (Full Time, Remote):
    • Become a key player in our Analyst team, where you’ll analyze data and provide valuable insights for our users.
  3. Backend Engineer (Full Time, Remote):
    • Join our Development team and contribute to the technical backbone of our platform, ensuring its reliability and performance.
  4. Product Manager (Full Time, Remote):
    • Work with our Management team to oversee product development, ensuring that our platform continues to meet the needs of our users.
  5. Writer (Full Time/Freelance, Remote):
    • Become a part of our Writers team, where you’ll create content that educates and informs our user base.
  6. Business Development Manager (Full Time, Remote/Portugal, Spain, Europe):
    • Join our BDM/Sales team and drive growth in markets across Portugal, Spain, and Europe, expanding our reach and partnerships.

At CCI News, we embrace a remote-friendly work environment, allowing our team members to work from locations that best suit their needs and lifestyles. We value diversity, collaboration, and innovation, and we’re excited to welcome talented individuals who are passionate about the crypto space.

If you’re ready to be a part of a team that’s shaping the future of crypto market data and analytics, we encourage you to explore the opportunities at CCI News and join us on this exciting journey. Together, we’ll navigate the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies and empower users to make smarter, more informed trading decisions.

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