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We live in a world where content is increasingly geared towards our mobile devices, and attention merchants – also known as advertisers – are vying to capitalize on our attention as we stare into our screens. Mobile is expected to be the biggest online advertising market by 2020, with video being the biggest growing segment. YouTube dominates the market, with advertisers paying an average of $.10USD to $.30USD per view per ad. The aggregate cost to advertisers in 2016 was almost 10 billion USD, and is expected to double past 2020.

In other words, there’s a lot of money to be made from consumers watching ads – just not for the users.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau‘s Digital Advertising Ecosystem model currently looks like this:

As you can see, users aren’t factored into the equation.

One ICO is trying to change that.

VuePay, a revolution in mobile advertising

VuePay is an exciting new ICO that intends to level the playing field between users, content producers, and advertisers. They are looking to become the decentralized, user-centric equivalent of YouTube, wherein advertiser spending is shared with users in exchange for targeted ads.

Let’s revisit the IAB’s model of the Digital Advertising Ecosystem. VuePay wants it to look like this:

How VuePay works

The crux of VuePay’s model is that users will receive targeted ads based on data they elect to disclose, and in exchange will receive part of the advertiser’s spending, in the form of their ERC20 token VUP.  

VuePay is built upon the Ethereum blockchain and VUP is an ERC20 token, utilizing the Ethereum blockchain’s smart contract functionality to automate payments between advertisers and consumers. Using the blockchain, VuePay hopes to render advertising capital totally transparent, while ensuring that users get a portion of the cut, proportional to the amount of attention they direct to ads. Any contract that advertisers have with content providers would be completely visible to all parties involved, and would run autonomously via Ethereum’s smart contracts.
VuePay’s aim is to both provide users with a portion of the cost advertisers spend on mobile adverts while also ensuring that said ads are relevant and useful to the user.

How VuePay works for users

Users receive 10 VUP tokens upon downloading the VuePay app, then consent to sharing their browsing data (which is a common practice in the realm of apps) before filling out their profile with relevant, non-personal data to help find advertisements that are actually of interest. This information isn’t tied to any real-life identity, and is instead connected solely to the wallet contained within the app.

Users can also select the frequency of targeted adverts they wish to receive in-app, per hour as well as per day, along with advertisement duration.

Users will then receive a notification from that app that informs them when adverts that match their specified preferences are available for them to watch. VuePay uses advanced machine learning to match relevant adverts to users based on the data they provide. Users will receive their VUP on a weekly basis, which can then be sent to participatory exchanges to trade or exchange.

How VuePay works for advertisers

Advertisers would generate and share advertisements on the VuePay platform, providing the following data:

  • The objective of the advert
  • Number of people the advert should reach
  • Geography, culture and age group of audience
  • Other demographic variables
  • The maximum and minimum Cost Per View the advertiser is willing to pay

VuePay would then utilize machine learning to best match advertisements to users. Advertisers will be able to use this information to receive instantaneous feedback on their video campaigns, then further refine them.

How does VuePay compare to similar projects?

Some may note that VuePay has a similar model to Basic Attention Token or BAT, which is an ERC20 token that can be used within the Brave browser. Users of the Brave browsers can elect to earn BAT by watching targeted advertisements, which can then be used for premium content and services within the browser, donated to publishers and content producers, or transferred to an exchange.

However, we view VuePay as being somewhat auxiliary to BAT, as opposed to in direct competition with it. For one, earning BAT requires that users switch from their primary established browsers to another, whereas VuePay is a standalone app. VuePay primary function is to level the playing field between advertisers and users by rendering the entire process transparent, while benefiting both parties: users get a portion of the advertiser’s spending, and advertisers are able to improve their video campaigns.

How to join the VuePay pre-sale and ICO

There are a total of 1 billion VUP, with 400 million allocated for pre-sale and ICO. 

The VuePay pre-sale begins on October 6th, and runs until October 20th. The ICO runs from October 21st to November 20th. Both will be open to the public during the specified timeframe, unless the minimum funding goal is hit or all allocated tokens are sold – in which case, VuePay moves on to the next stage. Tokens will hit exchanges the moment the ICO is terminated.
During the pre-sale and ICO, 1 ETH is worth 2000 VUP. However, the pre-sale has a tier structure, wherein early investors are rewarded with bonus tokens. While the total amount of coins sold numbers under 100 million – as the presale begins – participants will earn a 50% bonus, resulting in additional 1000 VUP. As the ICO starts, this bonus begins to halve as the amount of coins sold goes up each hundred million. In other words, participating in the ICO before 200 million coins are sold will result in a 25% bonus of 500 VUP coins, and before 300 million will net a 12.5% bonus, an additional 250 VUP coins. Participating in the ICO after 300 million coins have been sold will receive 2000 VUP coins.

Closing thoughts

Targeted advertisements are here to stay, will become more pervasive as attention merchants find more ways to monetize attention capture. For this reason, we believe that VuePay has a solid model that puts power – and money – in the hands of the people, and why we at Cryptocurrency Investing think participating VuePay’s pre-sale and ICO are a solid investment.

Visit the VuePay website here.
Read the whitepaper here.


Watch a summary video here, and an interview with the team here.

The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

In the interest of full transparency, Cryptocurrency Investing is happy to disclose that some or all members of the team were compensated for the creation of this content. However, we ensure our readers that we only endorse projects and technologies that we fully support and stand behind.



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