“Under-the-Radar” Veros set for success with mainnet launch and IDAX listing

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Veros is the hidden gem of the crypto space right now, and it’s on it’s way up in a big way.

VEROS Digital Hearts is Gofundme meets Kickstarter, upgraded to a zero-fee, non-profit organization. Using the VRS cryptocurrency, raising funds is global, easier and more efficient.

Veros will be directing advertisement revenue directly to eco-conscious and eco-innovative projects on the platform. Rather than getting charged with fees, users earn bonus revenue by simply being a part of the Veros platform.

Veros has some major milestones coming within the next two weeks:
1. November 1st – 20% of total supply coin burn
2. November 15th – Launch of the platform and wallet
3. November 16th – IDAX Listing  (3rd Largest crypto exchange by volume)

Alongside their IDAX listing, 350,000 VRS tokens will be given away to the community

The market is already reacting to the upcoming events. With a marketcap less then $300,000, there is ample room to the upside for growth on this massively undervalued token.


Veros is an entirely self-funded project. There was no ICO or outside funding. Veros was built from the ashes of an old project that was abandoned by its creators. When the previous founders took the money and ran, they left behind a community of people without a hope for investment revival. From this, Veros Digital Hearts was born. Veros Digital Hearts converted all of the worthless tokens from the old project into new VRS tokens, ready to be used on the Veros global fundraising platform. Veros’ core essence is to proliferate philanthropy. It is where we came from, and where we are headed.


You can find out more about Veros at www.vedh.io


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