Come meet the Crytocurrency Investing team!

Jeff Kirdeikis
If a decentralized system could manifest in a human, Jeff would be it. Connecting people together, to work independently, yet cohesively on a unified goal is his specialty. He has catalyzed the worlds largest cryptocurrency community on Facebook, along with co-conceptualizing the web page His aim and devotion is to bring knowledge and freedom to the people.
Jason Boron

Jason Boron
I jumped into IT straight out of high school and have been working in the tech industry for 22 years now.  I began my career as a web developer and spent several years making  a name for myself in the industry. After that I spent several years in POS analysis and POS engineering and after learning all I could in that space, I moved on to become a Network Administrator/Engineer.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked in several industries ranging from banks, to retail stores, to dot com startups and everything in between.  Today I apply my knowledge of tech to educate others in the fintech and blockchain space in our Facebook groups and on the website.

Corey Fleener
Corey is a writer living in California. He has worked with multiple marketing agencies helping manage accounts, branding, research, and social media outreach. Futurist and blockchain enthusiast, Corey is an established entrepreneur with a passion for emerging technologies. He is also an Investor in cryptocurrency and blockchain assets.
anthony scarpulla
Anthony Scarpulla
Anthony Scarpulla took the “crypto blue pill” back in October of 2017. With a B.A in Creative Writing & Journalism from the University of Miami, he loves to apply his writing chops to everything from crypto, to spirituality, poetry and philosophy. While relatively new to the crypto space, he has parlayed his drive and pursuit of knowledge into a lead moderator and writer position with Cryptocurrency Investing