Storm – Here to Disrupt

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Storm is aiming to be the monolithic leader that allows people to earn money, anywhere, anytime, on any device. They are en route to be a disruptive force in the three monumental applications listed below and are well on their way to doing so.

Storm has already been in operation for three years and touts over 250,000 monthly users. Storm is not just a concept, they are already a powerful force.

Storm Gigs ( Being paid for freelance services): Storm token is poised to be the blockchain replacement for Fiver, Upwork and all other online P2P and B2P interactions. Previously, users would be forced to pay up to 40% in fees to the middleman and wait days for withdrawals. Now, with Storm users pay around 1% in fees and withdrawals are instantaneous.

Storm Play ( Being paid to interact) :Users are also rewarded with tokens for simply learning about or subscribing to services and platforms. For example, a company would reward users in Storm Tokens for visiting a landing page, watching a video, writing a review, or subscribing to their mailing list and youtube channel. This is turning advertising into hyperdrive, where users are now willingly incentivized to learn about products, rather than force-fed ads at no benefit to themselves. This is a major win-win for both consumers and providers and will catalyze a major shift in company awareness and involvement.

Storm Shop ( Being paid to shop ):  Users are rewarded on the Storm platform for purchasing goods and services, as an optimized alternative to “rewards programs” that exist today.

Users will not only be rewarded monetarily in the form of tokens but will also have a gamification aspect involved where they can see their stats leveling up as they complete tasks. If a user specializes in providing translation services online, the more translations he does with positive reviews, the higher his ranking will become. As he levels up, the frequency of how many tasks and gigs he will be contracted for will naturally increase as people seeking translation services can clearly see that he is of high caliber through his level. This will not only create transparency in the quality of service but incentivize service providers to stay active on the platform in efforts to keep themselves as a relatively high level in comparison to their peers. Users will not be limited to only one skill set either. This same user who does translations can also have rankings for anything that he desires, such as graphic design, online coaching, and music lessons.

These frequent level ups, are consistent motivators and incentives in of themselves to entice users to be frequently active contributors on the platform. Already on video games, users get the “addiction” feeling to simply leveling up. Now with Storm, not only are they leveling up, but being paid to do so as well.

The Storm Token 2 Minute summary: 

The Storm Team is very impressively stacked with All-Stars in both the cryptocurrency and the gaming industry. On their team, they have the founder of Bittrex, co-founder of Zynga, CEO of Jaxx, and the co-founder of Bancor. Storm has partnered with Bancor and Jaxx, bringing a wider user base and ease of participation. Alongside these major partnerships, Storm as of today, November 2nd, has partnered with the Kyber Network, allowing for a seamless, more cost-effective and instantaneous functionality. nWe had the opportunity to talk with their CEO, Simon Yu, in a brief, yet in-depth and incredibly informative  interview that you can watch below.

The Storm Token ICO launches on November 6th. To find out more and participate, visit:

All information contained within this article is of personal opinion and is no way solicitation, investment or legal advice. This article is a sponsored post and is not an endorsement of the team or project. It is not a verification of the specifics or claims of the project. This article is not investment, accounting, or legal advice.


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