Silent Notary – The next evolution in digital storage and trust

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As the years roll forwards, our human ecosystem continues to move progressively more towards a digital world. A world where information is transferable across the globe instantaneously, where records and data no longer have to be recorded on paper, but rather can live in the digital realm. With all the benefits that the digital world brings humanity, it is no surprise that we continue to move exponentially in this direction. However, the digital world poses problems of its own, lost & corrupted files coupled with hacking, still to this day, create massive issues for people and businesses alike. This is the issue Silent Notary is here to solve.

Silent Notary is the next logical step in our world for the storage of all digital data, files, and media, taking it from a space of vulnerability and securing it on the blockchain. Once the data is on the blockchain, it will be permanent and legally binding, allowing for effective transparency and trust. Silent Notary will be available across a diverse array of platforms such as mobile apps for iOS and Android, Facebook, Telegram, WeChat, email, and also on a web-based interface to upload files.

Large barriers to blockchain adoption are foreign interfaces and unfamiliar digital tools. Silent Notary will bridge this gap by providing a clean, easy to use, user experience, bridging the gap between “ The average Joe “ and the blockchain.

In the near future of Silent Notary’s roadmap is Lightstamp technology, allowing for not only the data to be recorded, but also the time it took place. This will allow for the accurate chronologizing of events, creating accurate, verifiable timelines. Also on the roadmap is “Universa” which will allow for high speed and low transaction costs, a critical factor for a service that deals with micro-transactions.

Silent Notary aims to create a more stable, safe and transparent world by recording data permanently on the blockchain. This shift in recording has the very real potential to change personal and business practices drastically for the better. If you are a person or a business who deals with digital files, Silent Notary will an incredibly beneficial tool to have in your toolbox.

The ICO for Silent Notary is currently underway. You can find out more about the project, read the whitepaper and get involved with their ICO at

Our Interview with Maxim Breus, founder of Silent Notary:

Written by Jeff Kirdeikis


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