Rules & Guidelines for our Facebook Groups

Our Facebook groups – Ethereum Investing and Cryptocurrency Investing – aim to provide the highest quality content and discussion. Because of this, we have strict posting guidelines and rules, and moderate heavily.

All members are required to read the rules and our posting guidelines – FAQ is optional and is intended for beginners. You will not be allowed entry to group without actually reading the rules & guidelines.


The passphrase is on this page, but will only be found by reading all rules in full. Members who state that they cannot find the passphrase, or guess, will not be admitted. Please read carefully. There is no trick; if you read all the rules in full you will find the passphrase.

Failure to follow guidelines may result in removal from the group.


      1. If your posts contains “earn free ____”, “not a scam”, tons of emojis, or similar clearly copypasted spam material, you will be automatically removed.
      2. We are not a group aimed at answering beginners questions. Cryptocurrency for Beginners – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins as well as our sister group, Cryptocurrency Investing – Uncensored, are geared more towards those just starting out.
      3. All entry questions to the group must be answered with something more than “ok” or “yes” or you will not be approved, in an effort to weed out spammers, scammers, & low-effort posting.
      4. Cryptocurrency Investing is for all cryptocurrency discussion. Ethereum Investing is solely for Ethereum and Ethereum-based tokens.
      5. No price prediction posts.
      6. No “I have $_____, what do I invest in?” posts.
      7. No mining-related posts.
      8. No referral-link spamming or link spamming of any kind; linkspamming will get you banned immediately and your link/group reported by our moderation team. Generally, referral links are not allowed unless accompanied by a solid, non-copypasted recommendation per our ICO guide.
      9. No posting of Pump & Dump schemes.
      10. No posting of non-cryptocurrency investment material, i.e. binary options, forex trading, stocks, or commodities.
      11. All ICO posts must meet our specific guidelines, see below.
      12. No naked links. Please add commentary to your links.
      13. Disagreement and banter are fine. Personal attacks, harassment, trolling, and flamewars will result in removal. Be civil, respectful, and an adult, or you will be removed.
      14. Absolutely no racism, sexism, or bigotry. Use of slurs (such as “retarded” or “gay”) is grounds for removal.
      15. Please report posts directly to the administration by using Facebook’s reporting feature, or by pinging the moderation team personally.

      Posting Guidelines:

      1. We aim to be a home for quality discussion. Please put effort into your posts. We don’t require you to write a novel, but we do require you to Do Your Own Research.
      2. Before posting, please enter your question into a search engine. Then try the search function within the group.
      3. ICO posts must be substantive – naked links will be automatically deleted, please provide some commentary on why you’re curious about the ICO more fleshed out than “Looks interesting, thoughts?” See our ICO guideline for suggestions on what to include.
      4. Please refrain from posting naked links. At the very least, try to provide a short summary of what you’re linking to with some commentary to get the discussion going.
      5. Please shy away from shortened links. The phrase needed to enter the group is the two italicized/bold/underlined words in rule three.
      6. Please try to make your own thread instead of hijacking an existing thread.
      7. Please don’t resubmit links. If your link was not posted it either was deleted or is still sitting in the queue (we get backed up sometimes.)

      Why didn’t my post go through?

      Reminder that posts of these sorts will generally be denied:

      • ICO posts that don’t follow our format
      • “What should I buy now?”
      • “What will the price of [coin]be by [date]?” (Some exceptions, i.e. giveaways)
      • “How do I [do simple function]on [exchange]?” (Generally a better question for a search engine)
      • “What wallets/exchanges do you recommend in general?” (In FAQ)
      • “Where can I buy [asset]?” (In FAQ)
      • Other content unrelated to cryptocurrency
      • Clear spam (which generally results in an automatic removal)

      These are not the only posts that are denied, but should give you a general indication of what we’re aiming for in terms of content. General rule of thumb: if it’s a question easily answered by a search engine, ask your preferred search engine.

      How do I post about an ICO?

      ALL ICO related posts must have text, which is to be more substantive than “Looks interesting, thoughts?” (Straight ICO links will not be approved)

      At the very least any ICO related posts should attempt to answer three questions:

      1. What interests you about the ICO?
      2. Why do you think it’s a good investment?
      3. What concerns do you have about the ICO?
      4. If you’re affiliated with the ICO, please disclose that information. This includes sponsored content.

      FAQ/Beginners Section

      “Where can I buy ________?”

      CoinMarketCap has an excellent feature that shows which markets coins are currently trading on. For example:

      Click on “Markets”, ie:

      “How do I store _______?”

      It is not recommend to keep any token on the exchange due to security risks. As such, we recommend only keeping tokens on the exchange that you are intending to trade. Otherwise, we recommend moving your coins to the wallets suggested below. Both wallets will accept ERC20 tokens, though they may not support displaying them. However, you can use MyEtherWallet to look up your wallet’s public address and see the ERC20 tokens that are stored there.


      Recommended Hardware wallets:


      Recommended Offline/Software Wallets:


      Accepts BTC, ETH, LTC, GNT, REP, DSH, Augur, more to come. Accepts all ERC20 tokens. Allows for secure backups by providing a seed. Allows you to exchange any of the aforementioned currencies in-app via The team is incredibly responsive and responds to any issues  right away. The Exodus community is also top-notch. Short of a hardware wallet, Exodus is the best way to store your blockchain assets.


      Recommended Exchanges to buy Cryptocurrency:

      The short version: We recommend you use Gemini to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum, then transfer it to Bittrex or Liqui for most altcoin purchases.


      1) GEMINI:
      Good for ETH & BTC. Reasonably fast approval time. Upon approval and bank account linking, allows transfers of USD which can immediately be used for placing multiple types of buy orders. FDIC insured for USD, so any USD held on the exchange will be covered under FDIC regulations.

      2) COINBASE:
      Lower fees, Lower cost per coin comparatively, Insurance for US Citizens
      Can be problematic: tends to go down during high buy/sell volumes; support is practically nonexistent; purchases can take over a week to arrive in wallet
      Coinbase is an app frontend for GDAX, so a Coinbase account will allow you to trade online at:

      3) CEX:
      Higher Deposit limits, Get approved faster, Deposit large sums quicker, Most reliable (No downtime), Recommended exchange for day trading

      4) KRAKEN:
      Low transaction fees, great support, wide range of coins. Not very beginner friendly.


      1) BITTREX:
      Trades in BTC only, so BTC must be purchased first, then held in Bittrex wallet. Has the widest range of altcoins of all exchanges.

      Trades in BTC and Ethereum. Has some tokens that are not available on Bittrex.


      The official Ethereum Investing / Cryptocurrency Investing website can be found here:
      The website is run by Jeff Kirdeikis, Jason Boron, Keaghan Townsend, and Corey Fleener.
      The website offers a one stop shop for cryptocurrency news and articles written by our staff, as well as Coinmarketcap integration, a discussion forum, and many more features to come.

      Feel free to enquire about our mentorship and video call offerings, featuring the group’s founder, Jeff Kirdeikis.
      Please message Jeff Kirdeikis or Keaghan Townsend for setting up the mentorship or video call.


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