Rentberry – A “Berry Great” Decentralized Home Rental Platform!

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Alex Lubinsky, CEO, Rentberry

Back in 2015, Alex Lubinsky (Rentberry’s founder and CEO) and several other co-founders spent a frustrating month searching for rental properties in San Francisco, California. “We experienced the frustration involved with submitting rental applications, enduring bidding wars with other prospective tenants and going through uncomfortable face-to-face negotiations with landlords,” he says. He went on to share how they consistently lost apartments to other applicants due to the lack of transparency in the rental process, as they had no idea if the other applicants were willing to bid more than the established asking price.

It was this aggravating experience though, that inevitably led to the birth of Rentberry.

Lily Ostapchuk, CPO, Rentberry

Rentberry is poised to disrupt the outdated models that currently exist in the long-term home rental sector. Built upon consensus blockchain ledger and smart contract technology, Rentberry’s goal is to “make both landlords and tenants enjoy a fully decentralized rental experience that includes an open and transparent application process, crowdsourced security deposit network, instant rent payments, internationally valid tenant and landlord scores, to name a few.”

One of the most game-changing features about Rentberry is the fact that they’ll allow users to transact using their ERC-20 based BERRY token. That’s right folks, soon enough, you’ll be paying both your rent and bills in crypto! They’re creating a new system, based on trust and transparency, that will eliminate the need for a middleman entirely. On Rentberry, both landlord and tenant can complete all rental related tasks on the platform, as seen below.

 One of the main issues with the current rental model is how landlords freeze thousands of dollars from your bank account for your security deposit, leaving you out in the cold (pun intended). Rentberry estimates that there’s over $500 billion locked in rental security deposits worldwide, so they came up with a solution.

Rentberry aims to end this headache through their crowdsourced insurance network, which enables qualified tenants to unfreeze up to 90 percent of their deposit through smart contracts build into the platform. The network will be comprised of family, friends, Rentberry community users, landlords, tenants, or even Rentberry itself, who will all bid to help you out. In exchange, they’ll receive BERRY tokens as a reward. The tenant will then be able to choose the best deal, creating a win- win scenario for all involved!

Rentberry has also created their own proprietary scoring system, designed to help both the landlord and tenant create a sense of trust that isn’t really present in the current model. Their scoring system is based on all of the following factors:

Unlike most other ICO’s out there, Rentberry has aleady been in existence as a fully functioning company for nearly three years. They’ve listed over 200,000 properties in nearly 5,000 cities, and the user base is growing by 53% each month! Rentberry received $4 million in funding from seed investors a few years ago, and they recently launched their public ICO on December 5th. It will last until February 28th, 2018, or until the hard cap of $30 million is reached.
In their own words, the goal of the Rentberry token sale:

“…is to convert our business into a truly decentralized token ecosystem that will reduce the time and expense of long-term rentals for everyone involved, and provide the capital which will allow us to address the growing international demand for Rentberry’s services.

The funds from their ICO will be used in the following ways:
For more information on their ICO structure and bonuses, see below.
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