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Written by: Lisa Delwo

Have you ever searched online for a flight or personal item and later have a pop-up for that particular item instantly follow you on every webpage? Have you ever wondered if your browsing preferences were compiled and then used to create tailored ads? The truth is that there is no privacy anywhere on the internet, government agencies and internet companies thrive on tracking every click you make, generating your “profile” which is eventually sold to companies for advertising. A lot of these ads embed malicious software, allowing access to your computer or give your device a virus. Another sneaky application is mining scripts which uses your computer to mine cryptocurrencies and then sends the payment to someone else. Starbucks, a trusted company had a 10-second delay when customers entered in the wifi code and in that delay Monera coin was being mined. It is difficult to stop these Cyber Criminals as they are anonymous and difficult to locate. ’s goal is to reinvent the World Wide Web by prioritizing people’s privacy and offering a non-trackable malware and ad-free internet. The OIO token runs on the Ethereum platform with Pre-sale TGE for the OIO token launching June 15th and running until July 31st. Investors will receive a bonus for early participation.

The solution is targeted to three users;

  1. The visitor or the end user who is browsing the web will have a secure browsing experience that is free of ads, malware, and tracking.
  2. The webmaster, who owns the website will have a high-quality webpage and will draw focus on the product offered instead of disruptive ads. The website operator will be able to monetize ICE tokens by the Proof-of-online module which is a number that quantifies how many minutes a user spends on the website. Every week the number of website’s visits will be converted to ICE tokens.
  3. The Infrastructure Operator is the organization which maintains guardian, security rules, and token issuing procedures.



Online Ethereum token (OIO) OIO Tokens are the key element in the ecosystem and will be generated once to be sold in the token generation event. The web operators will be required to stake OIO Tokens in order to use the technology and mine ICE tokens. (through Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Online algorithms).




 ICE Ethereum token (ICE) The purpose of the ICE coin is to be used for micropayments and daily use. The system will generate a rank for each website based on the Trust System model and the number of visits. Each website will receive a specific number of ICE tokens depending on the time spent by end users on websites attached to the platform. The number of ICE tokens to be mined and issued is unlimited. 



* both OIO and ICE tokens will be live on the exchanges.

Trust token (TST) exists only within the private Blockchain and will not be available for public use or trade to avoid webmasters from increasing their rank artificially. TST is used for stimulating end users to rank websites on their quality by voting and reviewing on the website.

Ecosystem and additional features

  • Desktop browser extension for all major desktop browsers( Chrome, Firefox, and Opera), and Mobile browser will have an ad blocker, tracking script blocker, anti-malware and a wallet.
  • Marketplace is where you can spend ICE tokens for products and services.
  • Wallet app can be used on all major desktop and mobile browsers. The app will have advanced security with two-factor authentication and facial recognition.
  • Merchant system accepts payment in cryptocurrencies and receives funds in Fiat for a 3% commission or ICE tokens with 0% commission.

“In 2017, the media and entertainment industry is estimated to have reached over USD $1.7 trillion in revenues. Digital media was the fast-growing entertainment and media segment, with a 5-year annual growth rate of 13.1% as compared to growth rate of 1.1% recorded by the non-digital segment. Statistically, the cyber security market is valued in 2016 at over USD 120 billion.” People are investing large amounts of money into consumerism and protecting their private information/computer data, making this industry massive. will allow a cleaner user experience while maintaining trust and privacy. There is no need to download a new browser as it is a simple plugin for your existing browser. The platform allows users to have an undistracted experience while web developers still have the opportunity to monetize with the additional benefit of keeping their customer’s information private and secure.  


Token Generation Event(TGE)

  • Pre Sale start date: 15 June 2018
  • Public start date: 10 July 2018
  • TGE end date 31 July 2018
  •  OIO token price $0.04 
  • Max OIO tokens 2,500,000,000
  • Soft cap: $ 5,000,000 
  • Hard cap: $50,000,000 


“Together we can change the internet”

                               •Website•                                             •Whitepaper•                                           •Telegram•



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