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In the world of crypto, quality news and reliable information are increasingly difficult to find.  From reading through pages and pages of Steemit and Reddit posts to scouring the internet for days for worthy investments, everyone can agree that information is not as easily accessible as it should be for investors. 

This is where CLOUT comes into the picture.  CLOUT’s objective is to become a home base for every cryptocurrency investor, providing quality articles on crypto investments for new and seasoned investors along with a detailed up to date analysis of upcoming ICOs.  CLOUT utilizes a blockchain database to allow users to generate and share content, and is the only platform where the content creator and content sharers are all rewarded!  By financially incentivizing all of its members, CLOUT will consistently maintain a standard of quality throughout its community. 


The most important thing to have in business, besides a good idea, is an all star team to bring it to market, and CLOUT is overflowing with talent. Recently signed up to the team is Ripple Co-Founder Ryan Fugger, as Chief Advisor and David A. Cohen, serial entrepreneur and decentralized software pioneer, is the latest addition to the team filling the role of CEO.  Cohen works with companies and startups helping them design and deploy cutting edge decentralized software systems. Cohen was a key member of the IOTA Foundation during their token launch earlier this year, which soared to a $1.7 billion market cap within the first day of trading – breaking all previous records of any cryptocurrency token sale.



CLOUT, built on the Ethereum network, has 2 native tokens, the CLOUT token and the CLC token. Both tokens adhere to the ERC223 standard, eliminating the possibility of losing ETH while completing transactions.  Unlike ERC20 tokens, which sometimes get lost and unrecoverable if an investor accidentally sends ETH from an exchange directly to the deposit address for the ICO, instead that ETH can be returned to the investor.  Investors are still urged to ONLY send ETH from a personal wallet when participating in any ICO. CLOUT also utilizes homomorphic encryption, making CLOUT and Ethereum the only two tokens on the market that will be safe if a quantum computer hack where to happen.


CLC is what is used to power the CLOUT network. It is the users voice in the crowd. With it, users are able to interact with the platform in its entirety. Without CLC users are still allowed access, however it will be in a “read-only” mode,  without the ability to contribute or be rewarded. 

CLC tokens are used when members create their own content, share content made by other members, “up-vote” posts, and for commenting.  Using this method effectively stops the spread of misinformation, spamming and general clutter that can be found on almost every other platform, like Facebook, Steemit, Reddit, etc..   



CLOUT is giving ICO investors a chance to double up on their investment by giving away FREE CLC!  According to their website, “All CLOUT tokens purchased during the ICO will also receive FREE accompanying CLC on a 1:1 ratio.” After the close of the ICO any CLOUT purchased will have to wait the allotted time for the next batch of CLC to be generated, or it can be purchased separately on an exchange.

Throughout CLOUT’s lifetime there will only be 100 million CLOUT tokens created. Of which, “1/10th” or 10 million will be sold during the ICO, followed by a periodic release of 1 million each year for 5 years following the ICO.

CLOUT’s ICO is October 27th and will be open until either 7 million CLOUT tokens sold or 30 days, with a hard cap of $33 million.  There is currently a pre-sale going on as well for investors looking to get in early on the ground floor, with a 10 ETH minimum contribution.  After the completion of the ICO, CLOUT coins will be listed on exchanges, with CLC tokens listed in the near future. 


3 Million tokens (3%) – Pre-ICO at $1/ CLOUT
4 Million tokens (4%) – Phase 1 ICO at $2.50/ CLOUT
2 Million tokens (2%) – Phase 2 ICO at $5/ CLOUT
1 Million tokens (1%) – Phase 3 ICO at $10/ CLOUT


CLC tokens are rewarded in multiple ways. Members are rewarded in CLC when they add value to the community by sharing quality posts and by creating quality content.  After the ICO, CLC will also be generated by simply holding CLOUT tokens in your wallet, similar to the recent “airdrops” others have done. The first release will happen 1 year after the ICO (2018), the next will happen 2 years later (2020), then 3 years (2023), and so on until 2062, where the maximum 100 billion CLC tokens will have been generated. 



As we all know, online media and digital content is practically unavoidable in the world today, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Digital advertising around the world is projected to reach around $250 billion in the next few years, and with it all CLOUT token holders will receive up to 2% quarterly of total advertising revenue that is generated on their platform! Sit back and let CLOUT work for you!

CLOUT’s ICO is October 27th and is currently in pre-sale leading up to the ICO for early-bird investors. Contribute here

For more information the whitepaper is here.

Connect with the CLOUT team to stay up to date with all the news leading up to the ICO!

Use promo code “JASON10” to earn 10% bonus tokens, this is only valid during the presale!


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