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Maxdata is a global platform reinventing the service economy by matchmaking consumers and service providers directly to find the best deal possible, with the least amount of effort spent by consumers.

Here’s how it works: Consumers submit their current plan and information into the database ie: ($70/month phone bill with unlimited talk and text) That information is stored on the blockchain. The phone providers see the info on the blockchain and can send the consumer a better deal. The consumer then picks the plan that is most beneficial to them, and subscribes seamlessly though MaxData. The consumer then picks the plan that is most beneficial to them, and subscribed seamlessly though MaxData.

Users are now able to find the most cost-effective plans for absolute service ( Phone, Insurance, utilities, financial services, cable, internet & more) and are paid to do so. MXD tokens are sent to consumers by service providers every time they have an offer pitched to them. Users are now paid to save!

This saves service providers billions of dollars in advertising costs, as they can now pitch their services directly to those who are looking for them. A true win-win.

In addition to its universality, another one of the advantages setting MaxData apart from other blockchain projects is the simplicity of its usage. The platform may sit on a blockchain, but the users needn’t have even the slightest understanding of the technology in order to take advantage of it. As far as the user is concerned, they simply submit what services they are looking for, as well as their current contractual conditions, and the app will automatically find better deals – deals they can close with only the click of a button. That’s it. No need to program, no need to research the market and no need to follow crypto prices.

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