Matryx – An evolution in VR collaborative creation

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Prior to Matryx, how were medicines and nanotechnologies designed? These industries drive hundreds of billions in revenue every year, yet their systems are archaic. There are a handful of specialists that are attempting to create 3D models on 2D screens.  In these instances, the manpower and the technological capabilities are vastly limited. In conjunction, universities, corporations, institutions, and individuals keep their information relatively private, making it nearly impossible to aggregate all past research on any given topic. This grossly misuses time and resources, causing an mass inneficiency in producing results and timeliness



Matryx is a crowdsourced, 3D immersive virtual reality environment that will catalyze the exponential leap in technological advancement as it relates to medicine, nano-tech, and everything that operates on the molecular level. By putting on VR goggles and holding on to the Oculus hand controllers, you are able to immerse yourself into the fabric of the structure, interacting and manipulating this compound at the molecular level to create real-world solutions.




Using Matryx tokens, companies, individuals and nonprofit organizations can set bounties on issues they are looking to solve from Chron’s disease to the improvement of nanotech. Being open sourced, users can help with and improve on each other’s designs, in turn sharing the bounty set.




By allowing for the open sourced, transparent co-creation of solutions to pressing modern day issues, Matryx will catapult the advancement of the way our world can interact and optimize our lives at the molecular level. Having tried on the headset myself, the usability was incredibly intuitive and user-friendly. This will not only be a logical tool that scientists and specialists will use, but a tool that will be widespread to the public as the only barrier to entry is the purchasing of a $400 Oculus Rift VR system.



Our world is undoubtedly heading progressively in the direction of being able to design our worlds from the molecular level. Matryx is currently the leader by a mile in this technology and is also the ONLY VR project providing this solution.


The Matryx token sale is currently underway until November 15th, 2017 with a hard cap of $8 million. All unsold tokens will be burned.

If the $8M hard cap is reached, approximately 30M token (60%) will be put into circulation and 20M tokens (40%) will be will be kept by the team for further promotion of the platform (Matryx Affilates Program)

Tokens are currently selling at 1164MTX / ETH, which works out to approximately $0.30 per MTX.

At this rough approximation 50M tokens X $0.30 per MTX , Matryx is giving themselves a market cap of $15 Million.



To read the whitepaper and to purchase tokens, you can visit their webpage at

Hands on Demo:


The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. 


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