Interview with Etch – Providing a blockchain evolution in the global payroll system

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Etch is solving a problem for over a billion people. Essentially, everyone and anyone who is working for a wage, will find benefit using Etch. No longer will you have to wait for payday, as payments are directly deposited into your account, continuously, every second that you are working.

Etch also uses an allocation system so you can funnel a % of your wages directly into desired avenues like: mortgage payments, utilities, holiday funds, and other life expenses. It it a seamless interface where users are paid in tokens that are pegged to FIAT. This means that you can make purchases without having to ever “exchange tokens”. Infact, users could easily be unaware that blockchain tech is even involved. Etch is a smooth, logical and evolutionary transition for employers and employees alike.

They’ve also teamed up with quite the powerhouse as you can see in the list on this page:

You can find out more about Etch at


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