Halo Platform – “The Ultimate Cryptocurrency Platform”

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Halo Platform is by far the most all-encompassing platform that I have seen to date.

This project has so many revolutionary applications it will make your head spin. Each one of these features is just as exciting as the next, so having them all on one platform, well it certainly is something to behold. This project is beyond impressive.

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with Halo Platform Founder, Scott Morrison. He expressed that Halo Platform was birthed out of the distaste for multiple sub-par applications and non-user friendly interfaces, coupled with the desire to provide these solutions and much much more, all on one platform.

Halo Platform is by far the most comprehensive cryptocurrency platform and exchange to date. It runs as a decentralized exchange through the use of masternodes. This means there is no more risk of a central point of failure, or having to put your trust in a third party exchange. Halo Platform will be supported and secured by the community, as an exchange in the blockchain industry should be.

Get ready to tape your jaw back up to your face after it drops. Here are the applications and functionalities that Halo Platform will be providing.

Multiple wallet integration: On Halo Platform, you can store all of your private keys and send & receive all cryptocurrencies supported by Halo Platform. Simply having to remember separate passwords for emails and social media accounts was already a nightmare, then add on storing individual private keys!? I kiss the ground that this is no longer an issue, thanks to the simplification Halo Platform is providing.

A feature rich, customizable UI dashboard: This is the most feature rich, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing exchange UI that I’ve come across. The graphs and charts are sleek and functional, providing information from your portfolio holdings, to in-depth analysis on your investment performance. Halo Platform has also linked SMS alerts to coin price fluctuations, allowing enthusiasts to keep tabs on their favorite coins, without being glued to their screen all day. ( We’ve all been there ). Other features on the dashboard include social networking and direct messaging, a list of past transactions and of course, the ability to exchange coins instantly.

Create and get paid using your own Cryptocurrency storefront:
Using a customizable API, we now have the ability to be paid in cryptocurrency from just about any website, from your personal wordpress website to your businesses shopify account. Crypto payments are also now customizable as smart contracts, so users can even be paid monthly or yearly for those who run a subscription service. On top of this the Halo platform offers the functionality of tracking shipments, as well as creating, managing and sending invoicing. 

Cryptocurrency debit card:
You’ve just earned yourself a few Bitcoin worth sales through your Halo Platform storefront and now you’re ready to treat yourself to a nice meal on the town. Withdrawing to FIAT is a hassle, so it’s time to pull out your Halo Platform debit card. This debit card will work online to buy your outfit, at the gas station to get you there, and also of course at the restaurant. Using the storefront and the debit card, you now have catalyzed a closed-loop, decentralized transaction system. Here, there is no need for the banks, the power is back in the hands of the people.

A Decentralized Marketplace:
Now with Halo, you can buy and sell goods and products for cryptocurrency, ranging from electronics to clothing, as well as buying and selling services, ranging from web design to psychotherapy. All of this can be performed from your customized storefront, using crypto, FIAT, or Halo coins.

Create your own token and ICO:
Halo Platform now makes it easy to launch your own crypto project, allowing for the creativity and creation to make it’s way into blockchain sector at a rapid pace. Halo Platform will gives users an inside look into the ICO’s being created, allowing users be to the first investors to get involved in revolutionary projects. Coupled with this, the platform will maintain a standard in quality for ICO creation, driven by community based regulation, allowing users to have addded peace of mind for their investments.

Masternodes: Halo Platform has introduced a tiered masternode system to support the ecosystem of the Halo Platform decentralized exchange. Halo uses a hybrid PoW / VDTB mining system with blocks minted by the mining network every four minutes. Each block has a 75 Halo Reward.

Zero Transaction Fees:
Because of their masternode system, Halo Platform has zero transaction fees. One Halo sent, is one Halo received.

Integrated chat groups:
Public, private and exclusive paid subscription chat groups will turn Halo into a community based informational hub for cryptocurrency news and information.

Platform backups:
Keeping data safe and secure is a crucial aspect for all cryptocurrency investors. Halo Platform will offer the ability to backup multiple wallets, chart data, spreadsheets and more using elite cloud data encryption and security.

Halo Platform will be a revolutionary force in the blockchain community
on multiple levels.


The Halo Platform ICO is currently underway until October 31st at https://www.haloplatform.tech/

HALO Platform Promo Video:

This document is for information and illustrative purposes only. It is not, and should not be regarded as “investment advice” or as a “recommendation” regarding a course of action, including without limitation as those terms are used in any applicable law or regulation.



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