Hacken Looks To Bring Blockchain To The Cyber Security World

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Why and How Did We Implement Blockchain Technology in the Cyber Security Industry? HKN Cryptocurrency is The Future of Your Side of The Firewall.

The [Near] Future Of Blockchain And Security

The methods of protection of confidentiality and privacy in the modern world are based on the assumption that “you cannot be too careful”. For creating and developing of the blockchain technology the “old but gold” methods were applied, but their combination allowed to create something genuinely new and highly effective. In the near future, the application of blockchain technology will probably increase by 40.9 per cent of the Canadian and American market, and this approach would protect the major part of the financial information in these countries. As a result, the organizations, specifically banks, will be able to save $8-12 billion utilizing the approach suggested by the blockchain technologies in organizing the way how information is encrypted and transactions are made. These are extremely promising and inspiring results. Aren’t they?

The essence of the technology is pretty simple. If we imagine any information as the unit of the small pieces, it would be rather reasonably to suggest that keeping all of them together in one area does not make sense from the point of view of cybersecurity. In this regard, Satoshi Nakamoto created the idea of making blocks of information and financial data connected but separated with the individual system of access to each one. He was able to realize that the opportunities that modern black hat hackers have make it possible for them to gain access to almost anything that can be found in the infospace. They are like Hermes who could reach the depth of Tartarus and the heights of Olympus just by looking for profit and adventures. At the same time, it’s possible to understand how such “Hermeses” work and even think and to make the task complicated or even unreal for them.

Fortifying Your Side Of The Firewall

Actually, Hacken, an ICO startup in cyber security, is actively deploying such an approach to eliminate holes in the firewall. If the information is divided in small blocks, and access to each one should be received separately, the business owners have a legitimate reason to be confident that their transactions are protected from any possible penetration. The presence of the third trust party in the context of the scheme of the informational exchange involved the additional risks, and in the case of the blockchain technology application, poor Hermes would probably piece together a jigsaw puzzle for a long time. There would not be any central and compulsory element in the chain of blocks that would determine the success of the hack. Each block has a portion of information that’s not effective outside of the general context.

Testing For System Weaknesses

In turn, Hacken uses the concept of the blockchain technological approach to test the systems of the client and to define any way how they could be penetrated. Each stage of the research process is recorded using tiny blocks of information that have limited opportunities in the aspect of access to them. The information that’s saved using the blocks is extremely important for clients, as it shows the way how the system can be penetrated without any additional efforts. It’s somehow similar to the personal medical information regarding the results of blood testing that should not be received by the blackmailers. These results are sent apart from each other and each of them is encrypted in its own way. White hat hackers, who apply the vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to provide their clients with a clear idea about the system’s issues, realize the privacy challenges rather clearly, as they determines the results of their own efforts. Also, building of contacts based on trust, allows the client to be confident while asking the white hat hackers to check the system.

HKN, The Token Of The Realm

In the world of the Hacken Ecosystem, which lives in accordance with its own almost utopian rules, the only available payment tool is HKN. Implementation of this cryptocurrency can be justified and even recommended from several points of view. To begin with, HKN can be defined as a perfect instrument that is used for the unification of the white hat hackers and promotion of their interaction with each other. HKN is something similar to the coin from Braavos the owners of which can only look at each other and say “Valar MorghulisValar Dohaeris” to understand each other and interact with each other effectively. Considering the choice that the talented hackers have to make, the existence of HKN clearly determines their relationship to some group, united under the same mission.

Cryptocurrency Dedicated To White Hat Hackers

Next, the usage of the HKN implies safety and numerous opportunities for exchange. Application of the blockchain technologies is the optimal way to make sure that the cryptocurrency will keep its cost and value while the white hat hackers will be rewarded accordingly for their efforts. Also, this cryptocurrency was introduced with the common aim to protect the cyber defense and promote its active development and growth in the context of the modern necessity to make the information unavailable for any outside penetration. The modern opportunities allow to apply Ethereum blockchain based on smart contracts to develop the decentralized application that promotes the opportunity to receive tokens and apply them to the further operations. This cryptocurrency was initially integrated with the initial equivalent of 1 HKN to 1 dollar, and it determined the opportunity to trace the growth of the token value. Here you can read how Hacken Burning Principle will increase value of HKN in the long-run.

Collaboration And Cooperation

The policy of implementing HKN, utilizing the blockchain technologies, represents strict principles in accordance with which the organization exists and develops. In the context of the modern cybersecurity market that develops, HKN is being actively supported by sustainable businesses operating within the field. Moreover, the procedures of vulnerability testing and penetration testing will gradually become compulsory for companies of different sizes to make their activity safe and possible. Of course, the budget of the service will be determined by the financial opportunities of a firm, as the payment for such testing will mainly depend on the sum that the company would be able to invest. It creates a new world of ethical hacking that is based on the accurate rules. If its rules are broken, the participant will be excluded. The cryptocurrency within the context of the world makes any cooperation between hackers and clients based on the mutual benefit. In some sense, it’s a futuristic model of financial cooperation that is fully protected from penetration due to the blockchain approach to keeping and encrypting information in it.


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