Gem – Finally, an easy way to manage your entire crypto portfolio

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Track ALL your crypto in one place.
It’s taken long enough, but an all-in-one solution for crypto asset management is FINALLY here… And it looks good, really good.

Gem has taken the commonplace Blockfolio or Coinbase application and leveled them up… a lot. With Gem, you no longer have to manually update your holdings balance when you buy or sell on an exchange like is needed if using Blockfolio. Also, Unlike Coinbase or Abra, Gem is integrated with over 25 of the major exchanges and your balance updates automatically. In addition, coming early 2019, Gem will act as a secure solution to send, receive and store crypto assets on an incredibly visually appealing platform.

Security is top priority for Gem, so your exchange integration info is stored in a secure vault, which has been audited by the same security firm that audits Coinbase. You can read more about the security features of the vault here

Gem’s CEO and founder is cryptocurrency and blockchain pioneer Micah Winkelspecht. Gem’s team of veteran blockchain and cryptocurrency engineers has built blockchain and wallet technology for both startups and large-scale customers including Philips, Mercer, Capital One, and Toyota.


The Gem portfolio gives you a unified view of your digital wealth. Get real-time balances and historical performance of your assets and offline storage, such as hardware wallets. See how your asset holdings are allocated, along with an in-depth view of each in your portfolio. It’s everything you own, tracked in one place.


Exchange Sync

Easily connect and manage all of your exchange accounts in one app. Gem Exchange Sync automatically pulls and displays the balance of your holdings across more than 25 integrated exchanges, with more of your favorite exchanges being added soon.

Wallet (coming 2019)

Take control of your own money without the headaches. Hold, send, receive and trade all your cryptocurrencies in one secure, easy-to-use universal wallet, all with a key you control. And everything in your Gem wallet will automatically show up in your portfolio. No more juggling multiple apps.


You can download the Gem app now for iOS or Android.


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