ETH Rose 430% in the 35 Days Leading up to the Last Protocol Upgrade – Homestead.

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It is now 41 days until the potential Sept. 24th Metropolis release.

All eyes will be on ETH this month. Ethereum developers are eager for this powerful protocol upgrade.

One of the large upgrades to Ethereum will be ZK-SNARKS

It has been coming for quite some time, but Ethereum will receive more transaction privacy features. In the first phase, the Metropolis hard fork will introduce the building blocks for zk-SNARKS. It will allow for better privacy, and even anonymity whenever needed. One could argue Ethereum will soon feature ZCash-esque transactions, although it will take some time until those changes will be made available to the entire community. It is evident this is by far the most enticing change for non-developers.

Enjoy the 41 days to come.



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