All ERC20 Tokens summarized in three words or less

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In an Ecosystem where it seems that the number of tokens is absolutely overwhelming, sometimes it can be daunting to even begin researching. To solve this dilemma, here is a list of the ERC 20 Tokens and a VERY brief summary of each. Find the one’s that interest you, then happy researching!
( We are Long on Golem )
Golem : Rent computer power
Bancor: Trade cryptocurrencies
Aragon: Blockchain Lawyer
Civic: Blockchain Identity verification
Status: Easy Blockchain connectivity
Circle: Cross border payments
BAT: Cut-out Marketing Middlemen
TenX: Cryptocurrency Debit Card
Augur: Decentralized Prediction Market
Iconomi: Middlemanless Cryto Index-Funds
Melon: Digital asset management
Mysterium: Decentralized VPN
Digix: Digital Gold backed stabletoken
Pluton: Cardless crypto payment
Gnosis: Decentralized prediction market

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