eHarvestHub – Making food affordable and accessible to all

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eHarvestHub is making fresh food more affordable for the consumer and increasing the profit margins for the farmer. This is achieved by eliminating the numerous middlemen distribution centers, through connecting the farmers, truckers and grocers directly.

eHarvestHub has developed a food marketplace and hub where small farmers, independent truckers and grocers can connect and interact directly.  The marketplace allows farmers to list their produce that the grocers can select from using the app. With eHarvestHub’s simple to use application, eliminating the middlemen can reduce costs by up to 60%. 


Independent truckers can then be hired for the delivery, much like Uber. Bypassing transport brokers allows truckers to approximately 40% more per load. Additionally, because they are now independent workers, they can choose their own hours, their own routes, and ultimately be the deciding factor on how much they want to earn, or take time with family. No more enslavement to a regimented system that sometimes is short of work and at other times, won’t give workers sufficient personal time.


All produce is tracked, so the grocer and the consumer can be confident in knowing the true source.


This fully functioning platform has been funded by Tim Draper’s Venture Lab and has won 1st place at 11 pitch competitions including, Google NEXT, Silicon Valley Startup & FoodIT, and SARTA AgTech and San Francisco Shark Tank.
The EHH token is a mechanism to bypass fees, exchange rates, and bank transfer times. EHH is designed as a  global niche currency with minimal fees, that transacts easily and quickly.

EHH tokens are currently being sold in the Pre-Ico Phase until July 25th at a 15% discount.
The Main ICO runs from July 27th – August 26th.

You can find out more at

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