Earn 100% Cashback on all purchases with Repayme

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Imagine a world where you receive 100% cashback, on everything you buy.


A world where you make a purchase… and then within a couple months, you’ve been fully reimbursed! Repayme has created a global ecosystem that allows for all goods and services that you buy to be fully repaid automatically to your account. This is possible through the data that is collected through your purchasing habits being sent to advertisers. Currently, the online world already has full access to your data and uses and sells it, with no benefit to you.


 With Repayme, for the first time, you’ll actually be paid for the inherent value of your data… and without ever having to compromise your privacy! Repayme’s REME-Coin is a token that is fully backed by the attention economy. With the attention economy grows in value every day, this is an incredibly strong project and concept to get on board with.

All data sent to advertisers is anonymous, so not only are you earning more, you’re also staying more private and secure!





Repayme has already raised over 9 Million USD and has partnered with some of the largest companies in all of Germany, including banks and major retailers.

To find out more visit: http://bit.ly/2ktglkx


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