CORL: The first token to represent equity ownership in a company.

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Written by Lisa Delwo –

The Corl token is the first company to generate a revenue sharing token designed to support entrepreneurs ideas and for investors reach their financial objectives while participating in the growth of the global technology ecosystem. CRL is based on a profit-sharing model where investors receive quarterly dividends in the form of Ethereum, based off of future earning of CORL. The Whitelist and Airdrop campaigns are now live and the ICO launches April 1, 2018. 

Currently, there is a huge influx of new and fast-growing companies. In order for these companies to develop and succeed they require adequate funding. The financial system as we know it is centralized, inaccessible to smaller investors and doesn’t have the capital to support the growth of the booming tech ecosystem. This current financial system has led to an early-growth capital gap of over $100 billion. To resolve this worldwide gap, investors and entrepreneurs are shifting gears and changing the way capital is generated. A huge sign of this shift taking place is the $3 Billion raised during the Initial Coin Offerings in 2017.

Corl’s mission is to solve the issues with traditional investing. They will do this by investing directly in private companies and introducing three concepts: Revenue Sharing, Crowdfunding, and the Blockchain. By creating revenue sharing investments the smaller companies that wouldn’t qualify through the traditional finance system are enabled by owning equity in CORL through a digital token on the Blockchain. Companies that meet the requirements are financed by receiving upfront capital in exchange for a percentage of the monthly revenue until they grow and the initial repayment amount is met. CRL is based on a profit-sharing model where investors receive quarterly dividends in the form of Ethereum, based off of future earning of CORL.




“Our philosophy is simple, entrepreneurs should have access to the capital, they need to successfully grow their company at their own pace, on their own terms.”




The traditional way of being approved by the lenders is credit history and static financial information. With Corl they rely on dynamic financial information, the data is mined and analyzed to determine the creditworthiness and potential growth of the company.

The Corl token will be developed using Ethereum and Polymath protocol. By developing the smart contract on Ethereum and Polymath protocols, a legal delegate can certify that securities laws have complied with during and after the token offering with mathematical certainty. It will follow the ERC 20 protocol and will use the Anti-money laundering and Know your client ( KYC) transparency and decentralized market for peer-peer (P2P) token transfer.

The Corl platform is intelligently developed as its duality serves both sides of the market.


  • Access to long-term growth capital within 2 weeks
  • Grow on your own terms without any dilution or personal guarantees
  • Remain in full control of your company
  • Flexible repayment approach- pay as you grow.
  • Market expansion and product development
  • Company opportunities


  • Receive a continuous stream of quarterly dividends, based on the future earnings of coral
  • Earn up to 15-30% annually
  • Diversify your portfolio beyond stocks and bonds through crypto assets.
  • Help support emerging companies
  • Receive information on the value of ownership, portfolio analytics, legal disclosures and financial statements.
  • Investment opportunities

Looking at the bigger picture… The market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is estimated  $500 billion. Most crypto companies are a utility or app tokens and have no tangible ownership…but Corl is the first company in the world to issue 100% of its equity ownership as a digital token. You have the opportunity to be apart of this rapidly growing, world-changing industry.


         Cap Presale Maximum:19,500,000) USD

         Sale Maximum:49,500,500 USD

         Initial Coin Offering: $0.15

         ICO: April 1, 2018- April 30,2018


How to get involved:

“At Corl, we know that when the interests of entrepreneurs and investors are aligned, that is when true growth begins.”



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