Copytrack – The Future of Global Copyright Registration

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In today’s increasingly digital world, we’re constantly bombarded with images. Open Facebook, and your immediately inundated with pictures, videos and Gif’s galore. One aspect that tends to get overlooked though, is where these images actually originated from and who owns the copyright for them. Digital image theft has risen dramatically over the years, leaving photographers, news agencies or publishers without any easy way to get the recognition and credit that they deserve for their work.

Copytrack is out to end this issue once and for all, and for the last three years, they’ve emerged as the market leader in automated copyright enforcement.Based out of Germany, New York, and Tokyo, Copytrack has already solved over 50,000 cases of image theft, mainly due to they’re easy to use start-to-end service that helps customers navigate the otherwise murky waters of image theft.

Currently in the midst of their public ICO sale (which ends on February 10th, 2018), Copytrack has already sold over 8,000,000 CPY tokens, which equates to nearly $11,000,000 in Ether.

How Copytrack Disrupts the Multi-Billion Dollar Digital Licensing Industry

Copytrack currently offers four main services that are free for anyone to use. Through the creation of their totally transparent global copyright registry backed by blockchain tech, image owners can now register, monitor and monetize their creations without any middleman! Per their whitepaper, the four main services they offer are:

1. Post-licensing in over 140 countries – “In essence, this is the purchase of a proper license after a registered image has been used by the rights-violator. Rather than being sued and facing tremendous costs, we cure the infringement by offering a fair post-licensing to the offender.” 2. Legal advice by qualified lawyers 3. “One-click” case management 4. Personal customer service

Copytrack’s decentralized copyright register authenticates users and links digital intellectual property. This registry creates a new eco-system for rights-holders, thus providing them with a new e-client marketplace. Powered by cutting-edge tech, Copytrack is prepared to globally address the many challenges facing the current copyright and digital image licensing landscape. Some examples of the cutting-edge tech powering Copytrack is their high-performance web crawler, their unique image matching engine, the automatic detection of both how long an image was illegally used online, and how much compensation the rights holder is due. Copytrack also features a rights clearing portal, allowing the infringing party to view the case and its evidence, and either pay to license the image or prove that the image is indeed theirs.

The utility of their native CPY tokens (which will exist on their own Copytrack blockchain) is primarily for payment within their licensing systems.

Their roadmap features the launch of the Global Copytrack register in Q2 of 2018, as well as a token swap of 100,000,000 ERC-20 tokens onto their own blockchain. At this point, node operators will be able to earn CPY tokens as compensation for securing the network using their Proof of Stake model. 60% of the CPY tokens are for sale during their ICO, while the remaining 40% will be secured for blockchain development, and for founders and advisors.

Also, from now until January 22nd, every investor will receive 30% bonus tokens! These bonus tokens will be distributed mid-February.

For more information, be sure to check out their social media links!

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