CoinMetro – A Decentralized Exchange For All!

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In today’s cryptocurrency infused world, there are many exchanges to choose from when first starting out. There’s Binance, Bittrex, and KuCoin or HitBTC, and as a newcomer to the space, you’ll probably be feeling overwhelmed at first with the plethora of options to choose from. A few weeks later, you’ve opened a few accounts and have started to build up your portfolio, but you hate how certain coins are on certain exchanges only, and the whole process seems rather cumbersome and kind of more of a hassle than it should be. Well, my friends, CoinMetro is out to provide us with a one-way ticket all aboard the decentralized exchange express, straight from your deepest crypto dreams that you never even knew you had!

Check out my interview below with their CEO, Kevin Murcko, and gain some deep insight into what CoinMetro is all about.

What Makes CoinMetro Stand Out?

Well for one, Kevin and his team are leveraging their experience in the Forex markets, as Kevin is also the CEO of a leading forex broker site, FXPIG. They’ve been around the block and know how to create a product that meets the needs of its users, and they’re making customer service a top priority with CoinMetro. Meaning, if you have an issue, it won’t take days or weeks to get a proper response (unlike some other major exchanges), it will be nearly instant. Per their whitepaper, “in addition to a 24/7 dedicated help desk, we plan to integrate a friendly, on-brand AI bot, “Frank”, designed to assist clients with troubleshooting, questions, and quick reference guides”. CoinMetro will be a “one-stop shop” for all your cryptocurrency needs and will feature mobility between blockchain-based assets and mainstream markets. CoinMetro is a cryptocurrency exchange, a trading platform, and an ICO launchpad all rolled into one!

Some familiar features that will carry over from their experience in the forex markets are the inclusion of professional tokenized asset managers based on their TAM tokens, as well as the creation of tokenized ETF-like baskets of coins (they’re calling them ETCFs) that will feature various genres of asset classes (think baskets of privacy coins, banking, healthcare, IoT, etc.) Their native token is called XCM, and is currently for sale through March 24th. All things considered, CoinMetro is in a perfect place to really make some noise in the crypto-exchange sector.

All Aboard! CoinMetro’s ICO Express Platform

CoinMetro is going above and beyond your average exchange by incorporating a turnkey ICO platform, where ICO’s will be tradable and liquid immediately after the ICO ends inside their main exchange. No more waiting weeks or months after an ICO ends, hoping that they eventually list on some exchange. They’re also not pinning themselves to one specific blockchain, giving ICO’s the option to create smart contracts on three major blockchains.”The ICO Express platform will also offer an automatic smart contract mechanism capable of creating smart contracts and deploying them on the Ethereum, NEO and NEM blockchains.” CoinMetro also will allow DAO’s to easily formalize their business without the explicit need for a “paper corporation,” while also providing the companies with a stable exchange to launch from.

CoinMetro Debit Card

CoinMetro is going above and beyond by giving their customers the option of using a CoinMetro debit card, which will be linked directly to specific wallets within their platform, allowing users to withdraw fiat from a wide variety of ATM’s across the globe! So you can stroll up to an atm, withdraw, say, $200 from your BTC linked wallet, and CoinMetro will handle the sell order instantly, and convert that into USD (or whichever fiat currency your using) right on the spot. Imagine that, instant liquidity! Having already utilized debit cards on their FXPIG platform, the team has the experience and the know how to make this a reality. Bye bye banks? Furthermore, “direct payment processing in fiat and cryptocurrencies will be possible through CoinMetro’s stable banking relationships fostered by its registered and licensed eMoney status in Georgia and Estonia which it is currently pursuing.”

Tokenized Asset Management

CoinMetro is introducing a unique token asset management concept that will allow professional asset managers to sell tokens in their trading performance to investors. Per their whitepaper, “Each pro trader (or “manager”) will be issued a unique personal token valued in and available for purchase priced in COIN, a fully minted ERC20 token that is used to price all CoinMetro products and services. COIN is our own unique digital asset created to facilitate interaction with our infrastructure and provide transparency to our client base by way of the Ethereum blockchain.”

Through TAM, clients will be able to work with any manager they’d like by simply investing in that manager’s token! Managers will profit from fees based on the high-water mark principle (the highest peak in value for a given account), and investors will benefit from the growth of their investment over time.

User Interface and Security

CoinMetro aims to be easily accessible for first-time investors, while still providing enough depth for serious traders as well. CoinMetro will be a “feature-rich platform that combines secure backend infrastructure with a highly intuitive front-end interface. Simple sign-up, instant access, direct payment processing, asset mobility, and unparalleled customer support are defining features of our vision for the platform.” In terms of security, they plan on utilizing their successful protocols from FXPIG, which to this date, has never been hacked or lost a client’s funds at all. In terms of payment processing, they’ve teamed up with BitGo, which will allow multi-sig transactions, adding another key layer of security for their users. Additionally, 2FA protection will be provided through a partnership with the Authy mobile app.

Token Sale Details

Their ICO sale is currently underway until March


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