CoinLion – The Future King of the Crypto Exchange Jungle

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Written by Anthony Scarpulla

As a crypto investor and enthusiast, I’m sure you’re used to having about ten different tabs open while trading. On several tabs, you’ll have a few different exchanges open. On another tab maybe your scrolling through Coinmarketcap, while you simultaneously bounce between Tradingview or Cryptocompare to help you read the charts and make smart buys. On your phone, you’re constantly updating Blockfolio to keep your portfolio current to reflect your recent trades. This crazy crypto dance, while exhilariting at times, tends to get exhausting.

Beyond the problem of excess open tabs and scattered crypto resources, safety and security is another constant issue with exchanges, as we’ve seen several fall due to hacks, or simply reach capacity and deny new users.

What if we didn’t need all those tabs open? What if we could trust our exchange, and feel like our funds are safe on them? What if, an exchange came along that filled in all these blind spots within the crypto exchange community? What if you could actually have access to state of the art research and analytics tools, portfolio management and the ability to make several buy orders all in one click, all while earning passive income as users subscribe to your portfolio and research?


CoinLion’s mission is “to be the most trusted, powerful, simple, and rewarding digital asset trading and management platform,” and they seem poised and ready to pounce on that goal! Their ICO public sale is currently underway until February 25th, and prices are locked in at the following exchange rate: 1 ETH = 2500 LION + PRO RATA Distribution of 2,150,000 LION.

The CoinLion platform is consists of three main components, each designed to help tackle the some of the main challenges facing crypto traders today. Per their website, the main components are:

  • A crypto exchange focused on giving users the best trading experience possible.
  • A portfolio management tool that allows for the easy creation and management of cryptocurrency portfolios.
  • A social component that rewards users who create and share portfolios, strategies, and information with other users.

The Problems CoinLion Is Ready to Solve…

CoinLion is ready to solve the problems that other exchanges have ignored. Namely, the disconnect between the research and analytics tools that exist in the modern financial world, but are sorely lacking in the crypto realm. This has resulted in an awkward and confusing exchange experience, especially for new crypto traders (do you remember your first time trying to use Bittrex?) They’re also implementing an engaging social component (think Steemit, for Crypto only, built into an exchange), that will incentivize users to utilize the platform, making them a one-stop shop for news, research, portfolio analysis and crypto trading.

Existing exchanges have also been riddled with security issues, creating a high barrier to entry, and leaving most of the general public out in the cold. CoinLion is ready to create a trusted, easy to use interface where users, both newbies and seasoned traders alike, can learn, build and grow their crypto holdings using simple, yet powerful tools.

The exchange itself is set to launch in early July of this year, with over 100 different cryptocurrencies, with more continually added. Bitcoin and Ethereum will form the underbelly of its primary markets. CoinLion also plans on becoming a platform for ICO’s to launch from, while also giving CoinLion users early access to these ICO sales before anyone else. In addition, the exchange will feature a community voting feature, where users can vote for both ICO’s and cryptocurrency tokens they’d like to see on the exchange.

CoinLion also promises two other features missing on most exchanges: blazing fast transactions, and highly advanced security, as seen in the graphic below.

PMT (Portfolio Management Tool)

As I mentioned above, CoinLion has three main components, one of the main ones being their portfolio management tool. This seems like an obvious inclusion to have within an exchange, but most exchanges have been content to simply be a place where you buy, sell and then leave, only to transfer your wealth to more secure wallets. Not with CoinLion!

The PMT allows users to easily create and manage multiple portfolios, giving them the unparalleled ability to purchase multiple cryptocurrencies, all in one click (see the image below for a demo of what that might look like). You can choose to even reallocate portfolios in a single click as well!

Publishing & Promotional Toolset

This is where things get interesting. Say you have a portfolio that has been simply crushing it, well, CoinLion gives you the ability to publish your portfolio, as well as any other research or content you create, and earn their native LION tokens from users who subscribe to your published content! The PMT allows portfolio holders to define a set cost in LION, which in return grants users the ability to track and duplicate a shared Portfolio. This creates a symbiotic relationship between both experienced traders, and those who are new to the crypto scene.

According to their site, the following are all the ways LION tokens can be utilized on the platform:

  • Spend LION:
    • Track and duplicate portfolios
    • Trade for FREE within the LION Market
    • Discounted trading when holding LION
    • Create and manage multiple portfolios with the Portfolio Management Tool
    • Access research and analytics within the CoinLion Library\
    • Access to ICOs launched on the platform at a discounted rate
    • Advertise portfolios and promote your content on CoinLion and other platforms
  • Earn LION:
    • Allow users to track your portfolios
    • Create and share content related to the management of cryptocurrencies
    • Create and share research
    • Create and share strategies with other users
    • Allow advertising on your public profile
    • Earn LION for being a top performer or researcher
    • Create research for the CoinLion library

CoinLion is poised to become the king of the chaotic crypto exchange jungle. Be sure to check out for more info on their ICO, which is currently underway until the end of February.

Find CoinLion on social media at all the following links:

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