CanYa’s Innovative Club to Reward HODL’ers

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CanYa, the crypto powered peer-to-peer app for outsourcing local goods and services, has recently announced an update to their popular HODL Club. The club rewards both the users of the app and the holders of their native token “CAN.” They’ve announced a second tier to the club, which is designed to allow those who invested after their ICO sale to join the HODL club.

HODL’ers will not only be the beneficiaries of randomized CAN airdrops over the comings months, they’ll also be eligible to win some sweet CanYa gear (like branded Ledger Nanos), as well as free entry to CanYa’s own Blockchain Conference to be held later in the year!

The main goal of the CanYa HODL club is to get as many long-term believers of the CanYaCoin Token together in an exclusive group while also rewarding them for their loyalty with air-dropped tokens from CanYa and our partners.


There will now be two tiers:



This tier is for the original investors in CAN during the ICO sale. They will be air dropped the 2 million CAN tokens as promised. This will occur at random intervals over the next 6 months. This tier isn’t purely limited to those who invested in the ICO though, as anyone that purchases more than 10,000 CAN post ICO can enter the OG club. They will still have to wait the 45 days required post-ICO to be an approved member. You can enter via this Google form if you have the required 10,000 CAN.


HODLers (new tier)

This is a new tier for those who missed out on the ICO, and own a relatively smaller amount of 2500 tokens minimum.These new HODLers have been allocated a brand new lot of 500,000 CAN tokens to be disseminated at random over the next 6 months. Once you have 2500 CAN, you can apply via this form. You will then need to wait 45 days to prove that you are HODL material!

The amount that you’ll receive during the air drops will be proportional to your account balance for both tiers. For example, for OG members that hold  5000 CAN, and another has 10,000 CAN, the 10,000 CAN member will receive twice as many tokens compared to the 5000 CAN holder. It’s also important to note that any HODLer can buy and add tokens to their account at any time, they just can’t remove them.

What are the benefits of being in the HODL Club?



Longer term benefits:

So beyond the random airdrops of CAN, once a year, their rewards pool will air-drop a separate amount of CAN tokens to each tier of the HODL club. Essentially, this means that the longer you are a member of the club, the higher your proportion of air-dropped tokens will be as people leave the club! Pretty cool, eh!


As mentioned in the intro, they plan on regularly giving away CanYa merchandise such as CanYa Ledger Nano S walletsminted CanYaCoinsclothing and more! These are exclusive giveaways for only members of the HODL club.

CAN HODL CLUB is great for the communityCanYa Blockchain Conference:

As if dishing out free tokens and swag wasn’t enough, CanYa is going above and beyond, and hosting their own annual blockchain conference (and party)! All HODL club members will receive free tickets to the event, which will be held at a destination as voted by the HODL club members. If for some reason a conference can’t be conducted, they will purchase tickets to an alternative conference as voted by the HODLers. 


So how do I join?

If you didn’t participate in the CanYaCoin ICO but want to join the new tier of the CanYa HODL club, you will need to purchase 2500 CAN tokens (or more) from one of the exchanges that lists the CanYa token:

KuCoin (

Bancor (

AEX  (

xBrick (


CanYa is announcing some new exchange listings soon, so stay up to date on their CanYaCoin Announcements Telegram Channel.

CanYa HODL Club for the CAN ICO of over 5000CAN

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