Bulltoken – Taking the “Bull” Out of ICO Investing

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Sick and tired of digging through heaps of ICO’s? Not sure who to trust amongst the endless sea of crypto “experts”, whether your on Telegram, Reddit, Youtube, or elsewhere? Maybe you’ve been burned by an ICO investing pool, and you’re on the mend and looking for a viable alternative.

Enter Bulltoken

Instead of feeling so alone and drifting down the crypto research rabbit hole by yourself, Bulltoken is aiming to create a community-driven platform for both ICO investing and research. They’re using the power of the crowd to accumulate thousands of hours of research per week in ICOs, while giving the community the power to vote on which ICO’s they’ll invest in through Bulltoken. Investing in Bulltoken itself is like having pieces of a bunch of different ICO’s, giving you great exposure you can’t find anywhere else into a wide variety of vetted ICOs. Only the most promising and legitimate companies will rise to the top, and the scams or lackluster projects will be shot down by the community itself.

Their platform is tailored to benefit both the seasoned crypto vet and the crypto newbie alike. So how does this all actually work? Well, unlike most ICOs, who force their investors to wait months before a viable MVP is ready or any significant development is happening, the Bulltoken platform will be ready to dive into post-ICO in May. Per their website, “all of the funds collected during the BullToken ICO main-sale go straight to the AUM (Assets Under Management) fund.” This means that they’ll be reinvesting into ICO’s and promising projects shortly after the sale, giving the Bulltoken itself some added cleft that most ICO tokens lack. The Bulltoken ecosystem is designed to be fully transparent and trustless, meaning you can simply “set it and forget it” if you wanted to.

But let’s say your on the more seasoned or active side of the crypto enthusiast crowd. Well, you can be rewarded directly with Bulltokens in-platform currency, called Karma. Karma can be acquired by doing any of the above actions, like upvoting, inviting friends, submitting an ICO, commenting, or simply filling out your profile. Karma is needed to participate in the ICO voting process, and it can also be sold for BULL if you’d like. Worried about how scammers might rig the system to shill the coin of their choice? Well, Bulltoken thought that through: The reward for submitting an Investment Proposal the Community likes is far greater than the cost of submitting one. Don’t think any coin-shillers will be coming here!”

The BCP, or Bulltoken Community Platform is where you’ll be able to engage with other community members, and talk about your favorite projects, vote on upcoming ICOs, earn Karma, and monitor trending investment proposals.

To learn more about this amazing project, be sure to dive into their whitepaper.

Their token sale launches on April 3rd, 2018, and won’t be accepting investors from China or the U.S (accredited only).


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