Blockchain Companies Helping Consumers Monetize their Data

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Blockchain has opened the door for new decentralized solutions across the data landscape; a few fields in particular are data exchange, data management, and data analysis. In this article, we’ll cover five companies who are leading the way.

DataBroker DAO
DataBroker DAO is a marketplace for selling & buying sensor data. The company has created a decentralized
marketplace for Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data built on the Ethereum network. In doing so, Databroker DAO
enables sensor owners to turn generated data into revenue streams. DataBroker DAO plans to drive evolution
towards ‘smart living’ by making sensor data easily accessible to cities, organizations, and entrepreneurs at an
affordable price. Databroker DAO is targeting sensor owners, network operators, sensor manufacturers, smart city initiatives, agricultural sectors, and academia.

DACONOMY is a decentralized ecosystem and platform for the exchange and monetization of multi-
protocol data. The company aims to increase participation in the data economy by enabling individuals,
companies, and organizations of all sizes to monetize their data. On DACONOMY’s platform, the DMY
token is used as a medium of exchange and represents the data being bought and sold by stakeholders.
Data creation, collection, and analysis are growing rapidly, making data one of the most valuable
resources in the world.
What makes DACONOMY truly unique are their AI engines. These high performing engines are the
backbone of the ecosystem; they analyze data, anonymize it, match buyers and sellers, provide pricing
suggestions/dataset value estimation, and so much more. A few of the engines include the data anonymity
engine, recommendation and loyalty engine, data request extractor, validation engine, pricing engine, and
matching engine.
What’s also unique is DACONOMY doesn’t own user data, they just run it past their AI engines to analyze it, assign certain values to it, and add a unified taxonomy to make the data easily searchable for potential buyers. For these reasons, DACONOMY is one of the most user-friendly data buying and selling ecosystems.

Daterueum’s platform provides a marketplace for high-quality data. Data providers can upload their data onto the
Datareum platform, and data requestors purchase that data, the provider earns DTN tokens. After paying for the
unique data sets, data requesters can resell them for profit, or use the data in their day-to-day operations. Datareum’s goal is to increase data-sharing participation from individuals and increase data access for larger organizations. After uploading their data, individuals have access to a data vault which secures everything; subsequently, academia, researchers, and companies across the board can easily purchase the data.

Bottos is a decentralized infrastructure focusing on artificial intelligence. More specifically, big data, smart
hardware, robots, Internet of Things, and VR/AR. It is designed to be a platform for data and model circulation.
Some of Bottos’ services include data modeling, computing power, and storage sharing. Botto is looking to
encourage data exchange through optimized transaction techniques leading to low cost and increased transaction speed. Botto believes that data is treasure, and the accumulation of data leads to power. That’s why autonomy and decentralization are more important than ever before.

IOTA makes it possible to store, sell, and access data streams securely. Data buyers identify sensors that they want to choose data from, pay for direct access, and receive data to fuel reports. The secret sauce behind Iota is its distributed ledger, Tangle. Tangle is a novel data structure based on a directed acyclic graph. For every transaction that occurs on IOTA’s network, the transaction needs to approve two previous transactions by conducting a small amount of Proof-of-Work for them. The idea is that as more transactions occur, the network will be able to scale faster since more verifications are being performed in parallel.
The next major hurdle for blockchain data companies is user adoption. Although the solutions and platforms are
there, there needs to be greater pushes for product adoption. Whoever offers the most value will likely lead the
adoption race. That’s why companies like DACONOMY and Datareum are so attractive; they offer a wide array of
data services that can benefit companies and individuals alike.


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