5 Reasons Why Ethereum Will Continue To Rise

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Ethereum is red hot. After the 40 percent collapse in the price of Ethereum in less than 48 hours, it bounced back and rose to all-time highs in the three days that followed.

Such volatility is ‘normal’ in cryptocurrency land. It is not for the faint of the heart type of investor.

But is Ethereum in a bubble like this Forbes writer says? Or is it on its way to rise to $1000 in the coming two years like InvestingHaven’s researchers conlude, based on thorough analysis of the Ethereum market?

In this article we identify 5 reasons why Ethereum is expected to continue its rise.

1. Real life demand is on the rise

An increasing number of applications are making use of Ethereum. Ethereum is playing a major role in applications like predictive analysis, decentralized marketplaces, cross border payment services, digital signature in transactions, digital rights management, crowdfunding, and many more.

The number of Ethereum transactions is the ultimate proof of increased real life demand. This chart shows the total number of Ethereum transactions.

2. Investment demand starting to kick in

Since inception, the interest in cryptocurrencies evolved immensely and today, more and more players are seeing it as a new investment option. When it comes to Ethereum specifically we only now start seeing the first signs of investment demand kicking in. We are at a stage where the interest has evolved from the early adopters to including institutional and retail investors, but, again, it is only starting now. This adoption represents another turning point for Ethereum and an impressive shift when you think of how just a couple of years ago cryptocurrencies were mostly used for black market transactions.

In April 2017, The Ethereum Investment trust (ETC) was launched. It is a private fund for high net worth investors. It has been a success since its very first day, with the value of ETC almost quadrupling within a month.

3. Large corporations backing Ethereum

Ether is well on its way to become the standard in decentralized applications among cryptocurrencies, used by many giant corporations.

Case in point: The Ethereum Alliance, for instance, was set up to create a “spot trade” on the foreign exchange market for global currencies using an adaptation of Ethereum as the settlement layer. The Alliance was created by giant companies like Microsoft, JP Morga, and the likes.

4. Ether is technologically more powerful than Bitcoin

Bitcoin is starting to suffer performance issues. It takes very long (in relative terms) for transactions to be processed. Moreover, it appears that transactions can cost up to $4 USD, which is obviously a serious impediment for its growth.

Because of Ethereum’s technological setup it is much more powerful to process transactions. It can do so much faster and cheaper than Bitcoin. That is certainly a driver for wider adoption.

5. Network effects

Technology is characterized by a winner takes it all effect, if not most of it. Ether’s recent rise, both in its usage and investment demand, could well become the final trigger to win the game. As long as there will be no damage from security holes, Ether is well on its way to become the leader, and take most of the cryptocurrency market.

Source: https://etfdailynews.com/2017/06/04/5-reasons-why-ethereum-eth-will-continue-to-rise/


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